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Chestnut with CHROME! (hc-445)

Horse’s Name: Nephele DSZ
Business Name: Double Starz Ranch
Primary Breed: Arabian
Sex: Filly
Color: Chestnut
Height: 14.3
Discipline: Reining
Temperament: 3 (1 Calm - 10 Hot)
Location: United States
Posted On: 2014-09-05 08:57 AM


We are offering this filly at quite a reasonable price. We feel that "Kora" will be extremely athletic with a very trainable, sane mind. She has shown a strong will to accomplish things from the instant she arrived in this world. Kora has been extremely easy to handle and quite eager to learn new things, amazing at such an early age! She also has a LOT of chrome! With two hind & one front stocking, one front sock, and the beautiful white on her face, Kora is sure to catch anyone's attention.

Her sire, Napayshni, is a very easy going stallion, started under saddle last Fall (2013) and is progressing wonderfully. His pedigree is full of athletes who excelled in anything they were introduced to. Napayshni's sire, Muscastar Son, also produced several accomplished Endurance horses, including those that competed and completed the world renowned Tevis Cup. He also produced accomplished Reiners.

Kora's dam, Khlassic Jazz, is a very athletic mare that has been willing to try anything her rider has wanted to do. She has tried Jumping, Hunter Jumper, and even some Cutting. Khlassic Jazz is also very typie with a beautiful short head, large eyes, long legs, and a deep heart girth. With her tight breeding of Azraff and Raffles, we feel very happy that this filly inherited her dam's type and presence. Coupled with Napayshni's inheritable stamina, Kora should really be a force to be reckoned with in the Endurance field.

With the great minds that Napayshni's foals have had so far, and with how wonderful the temperaments are of both Napayshni and Khlassic Jazz, we think this filly will be able to go anywhere you want.

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