Spinney’s Cup Dubai


Sophia Ashcroft, riding Spitting Image, won the Spinney’s Cup this weekend. This is the second time Ashcroft has taken the title.

The One Day Event, which is hosted annually at the Desert Palm Hotel & Spa in Dubai, is the highlight of the UAE’s Eventing season.

Spinner’s Cup 2015 Results:

Class 4
Place Rider Horse
1st Sophia Ashcroft Spitting Image
2nd Susan Kermanshachi Quaetano D’Orange
3rd Jennifer Forde Donahmore
Class 3
1st Ella Kermanshachi Jasmine De La Fleur
2nd Lorna Hingley Amwajh
3rd Maxine Antaki Flo
Class 2
1st Gaia Rondard Billy the Kid
2nd Amanda Kibby Quiper D’anjou
3rd Darci Nesbitt Blitzen
Class 1
1st Ben Kibby Cloe Dazzler
2nd Sara Brotherton Chester
3rd Ciara Corroon Mayflower




  1. ­Fun Facts About Your Four Legged Friends


    1. A horse is considered an adult when they reach 4 years of age.
    2. A female horse that has reached 4 years old is known as a Mare.
    3. A male horse that has reached 4 years old is known as a stallion.
    4. A father horse is called a Sire.
    5. A mother horse is called a Dam.
    6. A Foal is a baby horse.
    7. A Filly is a young female horse.
    8. A Colt is a young male horse.
    9. Foals are born with legs 90% of the length of their adult legs.
    10. Foals can generally stand and walk only a few hours after they are born.
    11. The small V shaped soft patch under a horse’s hoof is called a frog.
    12. Horses often sleep standing up and typically only sleep three hours a day.
    13. Equines have the biggest eyes of any land mammal.
    14. Horses cannot see directly in front of or directly behind them.
    15. All breeds of Horses are measured in hands, and a hand is four inches.
    16. A horse is generally over 14.2 hands high, anything under this is considered a pony.
    17. When taking the measurement of a horse be sure you start at their withers, if you use the head or neck the height will constantly change.
    18. There are over 150 breeds of horses around the world.
    19. Many people think horses are color blind but they are not.
    20. A Horses usually live to be 20-2 years old. 62 years is the longest a documented horse has lived.
    21. A healthy grown horse should have a resting pulse of between 36 and 40 beats per minute
    22. To tell where a horse is looking just observe where his ears are pointing.
    23. Horses have on average 16 muscles in each ear. This allows them to rotate their ears 180 degrees.
    24. If you see a red ribbon tied to a horse’s tale it is safe to assume this horse kicks.
    25. When a horse has an area of pink skin they are very prevalent to sun burn.
    26. Horse’s ears can also identify their mood. If pinned back they could be angry.
    27. The scientific name for the horse is Equus Caballus.
    28. A horse’s age can be estimated by looking at the teeth.
    29. Foals have milk teeth which fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth when they are 3-5 years old.
    30. Horses cannot throw up, burp, or breathe out of the mouth like humans can.
    31. A Horse Box or Horse Trailer was invented in 1836 in England by Lord George Bentinck. This original horse trailer was pulled by six horses, it was designed to get his race horses from one track to the next.
    32. A Furlong is the measurement used at race tracks. The British furrow-long was the standard length of a farmer’s field. A furlong equals 220 yards.
    33. The word “Chivalry” comes from “Cheval” the French word for “Horse”.
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