A complete Guide to Clean Horses’ Hoof


Horses are very majestic animals and they demand adequate caring which must be well understood by every horse owner. One of the complicated parts of a horse daily care is cleaning the hoof as it requires a pair of expert hands to get the job done efficiently.

Horse hoof is basically the bottom of its feet and cleaning it on a daily basis is mandatory because very often mud, gravel, small rocks gets stuck into the hoof and damages the living tissues which further create difficulty for a horse in walking. It is just like having a small piece of stone in your shoe, which can become a reason for the bruise on foot.

Step One:

Grab a nice hoof pick, this is the only tool you will be needing when cleaning horse’s hoofs.

Step Two:

Give the upper part of the hoof a little squeeze because that is how you want him to know that you want to pick his feet up and pick up the hood you will find lots of stuff stuck into the shoe such as mud, maybe stones, gravel etc. grab the hoof pick firmly and gently start removing the unwanted particles. Here you will find a rectangular shaped area which2 is known as “frog” give extra attention to horses’ frog because this is the part in which live tissues remain, do not dig hard in it just insert your hoof pick in it and remove the dirt out of it gently. Just dig in the pick into the hoof and get the stuff out that is what you will be performing onto other 3 hoofs.

Step Three:

Now when you will try and do the back feet of horse don’t stand right in front of its back because some horses are untrained and don’t like their feet to be touched especially young ones. So stand on the side of the horse and touch the horse’s upper body and make it relax and slide your hand down to the hoof without releasing contact because this will intimate the horse that you are about to pick up its feet.

Step Four:

You can stable the horse’s hoof on your knee so that you don’t have to hold the whole weight on your hand while cleaning process as shown in the picture. Keep digging and cleaning the mud out until horses’ sole appear clean.

Horses’ feet are very important part of their body these creatures cannot afford any damage in their feet because they need their feet for everything on daily basis so consider it as a vital part of daily horse care.

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